Express Yourself With Calligraphy

Ainamy TOKYO's calligraphy

Cursive characters created as Inami's hands go

Be stylish、
And sometimes I aim for a gorgeous style when it's simple
The start of my calligraphy journey
Cursive that I learned when I was in junior high school
Every day I study only English every day
I kept writing until my hands were black
At the same time, I longed for English design
I wanted to write cursive in a cool way, so I thought about various designs and scribbled here and there.
After that, I went to the English literature department and started working with foreign countries.
At the same time, express the English design graphically and take charge of the company
Encounter with calligraphy was a turning point for me
The cursive and design I've always loved
I can express myself more freely
The world spread by calligraphy is just a swamp
Never get bored after meeting

I want to learn more and more I want to express and continue to fascinate me

Based on my own experience so far
In lessons and workshop exercise books
So that you can enjoy calligraphy in your own way
I am doing activities
Start your calligraphy journey

Works for

  • Branding Design:Logo business card wrapping item company message card event item promotional material poster company WEB illustration etc.
  • Wedding items: Various wedding items such as welcome boardム
  • Calligraphy: Various calligraphy calligraphy starter kits Modern calligraphy lessons Various message card production Shooting item production
  • Service: Service: on-site calligraphy
  *Please contact us for requests for appearance collaboration, etc.


Work archives

2007 2018

・PR event at a domestic airline Overseas marathon event Goods sales promotion Goods design message card WEB illustration serialization
・Modern Calligraphy Workshop Held in Harajuku 2018) ​


​・ Started selling original calligraphy kit
・ Started selling original cake topper
・ Modern Calligraphy Workshop at Shibuya TRUNK BY SHOTO GALLELY
・Modern Calligraphy Workshop at Nagoya Le Square
・Modern calligraphy lesson held irregularly in Shibuya)
・Collaboration works for photoshoot with lilelements in Sydney
・Original calligraphy candle ma bougie now on sale​
・Opened Daikanyama Noel at Daikanyama Tsutaya Calligraphy service​


・January Roppongi Hills Nespresso event live brush cultivation service
・March 6th, 7th, JCA event opening at Shibuya Stream Canceleded)
​・April 23, Mori Building Hills Night Live Brush cultivation Cancelledd)
​・June 30: Modern Calligraphy Beginner's Bag Sales Start First 100 copies sold out immediately)
・July Sony Music Entertainment ARCHDAYS collaboration work distribution
・August 15 Modern Calligraphy Workshop at Hayama WEL'L
・August 28th and 30th Aoyama Spiral Hall Marche foe Wedding Opening Canceleded)
・October Hayama山Regular lessons start at Hayama WEL'L
・November Tombow Pencil Sony Music Entertainment ARCHDAYS collaboration work distribution
・January 1stOnward Kashiyama 23 Ward New Year video production for SNS          

Designer Calligrapher

Marie Inami

Marie Inami   Born in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture. Joined an airline after graduating from the Department of English Literature, Tsuda University As a first-class international flight manager, while flying around the world, he designed message cards, PR events, sales promotion, etc. After being in charge, I was fascinated by the world of calligraphy, and when I gave birth to my first child, I went to the path of design and calligraphy.With cursive writing that has been written for over 20 years in English learning and at work、Travel experience to develop a unique style based on the copperplate script and Spencerian script learned by self-education 30 countries We are good at urban and overseas style design and gorgeous calligraphy
 Japan's first modern style nickname development Classical modern style monoline calligraphy We are developing new things such as selling practice books for modern calligraphy English teacher type license TOEIC920 Thai daily conversation JSA sommelier JBA barista

Ainamy TOKYO

Born into a family of craftsmen whose ancestors are engravers in Inami Town, Toyama Prefecture, the town of hand-carved sculptures, with the desire to cherish the craftsmanship and send it to the world from Tokyo, the base of activities.