Modern Handwriting

Inami has created a unique style based on the cursive characters that he has been writing since he was a student and the traditional calligraphy copperplate script that he learned by himself.Combine letters according to the situationFrom handwritten calligraphy written in ink and paper、Until digital production。

​Modern Basic "Katie"​


モダンカリグラフィー AinamyTOKYO ベーシックスタイル Katie

Popular style in modern calligraphy Bounce style Ainamy TOKYOSo that you can learn modern calligraphy while keeping the concept of simple and stylishよう、Easy to write and remember for beginnersい、As a basis for arranging and creating your own style、Finished in a basic style。

The style at the lesson / workshop currently being held will be this style

Modern Classic "Florence"​


​          #Modern classic calligraphy


It is a typeface that is a gorgeous arrangement of traditional copperplate script with modern elements added to formal scenes such as weddings and letters.す

in JapanWhile bouncing modern calligraphy is popular、Researching the styles of various overseas artists Arranged in Ainamy TOKYO style and started producing brush cultivation works in this style in 2018

Classic formal elegance Modern calligraphy with classic style elements to write letters that combine freedom and ease of modernityAs modern classic style calligraphyI named it


​*Please refrain from copying and imitating Ainamy TOKYO style character names.

Modern "Harper"​


モダンカリグラフィー AinamyTOKYO Harper 


A style with a casual and smart impression that you write with the natural handwriting flow of Harper Marie in a flowing style I mainly use it for work production etc.


*Please refrain from copying and imitating Ainamy TOKYO style character names.さい。