Currently, I am telling you the basic style of Ainamy TOKYO modern calligraphy at Lesson / Work Shop and Modern Calligraphy Exercise Book Beginner's Bag.

The basic style Katie Katie expresses the trendy rhythmic atmosphere that is easy to remember, easy to write, simple and stylish like Ainamy TOKYO.

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Lesson / Work Shop

Introduction toModerin Calligraphy

Modern calligraphy lesson workshops are held irregularly

This is for beginnersThe latest information and detailed reservations are posted on Instagram and official LINE.

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Learning Guide

Modern CalligraphyBeginners bag


The second set for those who are new to pointed pen modern calligraphy and for beginners

There is a practice book that you can actually write and trace in Ainamy TOKYO style text

Modern calligraphy basic Katie style full alphabet commentary with updated design that is simpler, easier to remember and easier to write

Japan's first modern calligraphy practice pad

With this one, you can start modern calligraphy. We have a lineup of tools that are popular with calligraphers around the world.


・Practice pad text and practice bookAinamyTOKYO Modern Basic Katiee”
   Contents Color Monochrome All 104104How to write including white pages on the back of the page practice book Alphabet Number message    
*The practice pad paper is made of paper that does not easily bleed even when using calligraphy ink.  
・Ink Higgins ink made in USA
・Two types of nibs Hunt 101 nib made in USANikko GG
・Holder straight & amp; oblique 2 way holder
・30 practice sheets for modern calligraphy A4
・Original drawstring bag Two types of text tools for writing instruments


*Text guide sheet Cannot be used for commercial purposes such as workshops and sales using characters. Please use for personal use.
*Beginner's bag is sold only each time. You may have to wait until resale
*Specifications are subject to change without notice
*This textbook is Japanese





​AINAMY TOKYO Modern Calligraphy​Guide Sheet


《Practice guide sheet》

For those who want to practice a lot, LessonやThis is the original guide sheet used in WS。We carefully select the perfect paper for calligraphy where sharp nibs are hard to get caught. 50 sheets





《Downloadable Contents: Practice guide sheet》


The original practice guide sheetYou can download it from the online store。Of course you can print and use itYou can also use the data as a guide for iPad Lettering.​​​

​Download purchase ONLINE STORE​ At





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